I subscribe to quite a few blogs which have topics that range from advancing in business to the film acting community to basic life experience. All of them have two things in common: 1) The writer has something to say, and 2) There are people who want to hear it. Now I realize I may have some things to say and over that I have some control, but I also recognize I have no control over whether or not others will want to hear what I have to say. That is fascinating to me. What, then, drives the writer to write? To simply express themselves? To get words out in a new form of catharsis? I believe, regardless of what anyone says, we all do it in the hopes that someone will want to read it. That others will hear our thoughts and feelings and concerns about this or that or nothing in particular and that it will leave an impression or make some kind of difference in someones life. Secretly, we all want to be heard or, more importantly, listened to and to have our own thoughts validated. It is a viciously insecure cycle. One which I am happy to join. I hope you enjoy hearing what I have to say from time to time and I look forward to feeling like I’ve made an impact.